7 remote working lessons from Forrester that work for any enterprise

Accelerate Product Design With Digital Workspaces For 3D Visualization

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Continual enterprise growth is powered by innovation. For global industries such as manufacturing, energy or electronics, this means bringing together disparate teams.

Forrester research shows that successful innovation relies on dispersed groups of designers and engineers being able to work together easily over enterprise systems. Coordinating these expert global teams, removing communication barriers and offering the latest digital technologies requires a coordinated approach to remote working.

Using 3D design as a use case for success, Forrester outlines seven lessons that all enterprise IT teams can learn from:

1) Put the user at the heart of any technology strategy.

2) Enrich the desktop experience with cloud services and personalisation.

3) Hire outside expertise and plan.

4) Put together an overlay team to collapse technology silos.

5) Consider add-on technologies to enhance the user experience.

6) Consider investing in more sophisticated monitoring capabilities.

7) Choose Citrix if graphics unit processing sharing is important to you.

On a general note, Forrester adds that server-hosted  Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) now meets a much wider range of needs within the enterprise. For end users, VDI can scale to meet the needs of project teams. It can also offer full Windows deployment as a service. For IT teams, VDI improves management and security of the desktop environment. It also centralises applications so they perform better and stay secure.


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What can every enterprise learn from 3D designers using powerful #remoteworking ? Forrester research has the answers

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