A Revolution in Cloud Networking with Triscale technology

A revolution in cloud networking: Citrix TriScale Technology

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Why a Triscale approach to agility – Scale up, Scale out and scale in – will give you the multi-dimensional scalability that can become the difference between success and failure of your enterprise cloud network.

Be forward thinking

To stay competitive, today’s enterprises require IT that is agile and easy to run. Modern, application-centric infrastructure provides the ability to easily deploy applications. But that does not necessarily come with the requisite flexibility
or agility built in.

The simple truth is that organisations need to think about capacity planning and future growth when building current IT infrastructure for application deployment and delivery.

So, do you buy enough hardware today to allow for where you think you are going to be in 3 years time? You can, but most of that capacity will sit unused, especially at the beginning.

One alternative is to buy only what you need now and then keep buying, installing and configuring more as you go. This leads to a high operational overhead as each new appliance is installed and configured with the risk of errors ever-present. This continued addition of extra units to meet capacity demands can lead to appliance sprawl and complexity costing more in terms of space, power and operational expenditure.

Triple scalability: Up, out and in 

Triple scalability

The other alternative is Citrix Triscale. The technology behind it allows you to get the scalability you need now and into the future.

1) You can procure the hardware capacity you will need in three years’ time but without having to pay for it until you need it (Scale-up).

2) You benefit from clustered ADCs that increase capacity with no downtime or configuration challenges (Scale-out).

3) You can consolidate multiple ADCs onto a single platform to reduce appliance sprawl and the associated costs (Scale-in).

Citrix Triscale is the only technology that offers this comprehensive scaling in three dimensions. With it you can achieve true enterprise network agility and cut the costs associated with expensive hardware or over-provisioning.

A revolution in cloud networking: Citrix TriScale Technology

Free White paper: A revolution in Cloud Networking Download

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Success of enterprise network rely on triple scalability: up, out and in. A revolution in Cloud Networking

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