Accelerate your SharePoint 2013 deployment with NetScaler

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with Citrix NetScaler

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Citrix and Microsoft work closely together to provide specific guidelines and recommendations for maximising the performance of Microsoft SharePoint for remote users.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is essential to almost every enterprise that runs Microsoft applications. For IT teams and desktop end users, the benefits come from easy access to many separate IT functions in one place. These include everything from enterprise social networking to workflow management.

But issues arise when enterprises look to implement SharePoint for remote users. SharePoint has always struggled to cater for remote users because of the protocols it uses and the amount of data being transferred. In a world of typically slow WAN links, SharePoint is just not as effective when there are major traffic flows.

Sometimes SharePoint needs a helping hand. This is where an ADC device, like Citrix NetScaler, comes to the fore. An ADC can enhance the performance of SharePoint. It can increase the efficiency of the server by taking on the workload instead. It can also reduce the bandwidth required for optimum application delivery

However, to get these benefits without adding complexity to the IT environment, the ADC must be easy to deploy, with simple how-to guides and instructions.

Citrix NetScaler provides all this extra support that SharePoint needs. Already used in thousands of networks around the world, it supports more scalable, reliable and secure remote delivery. It is also easy to deploy and adds centralised management, application visibility and control.

NetScaler adds extra value to SharePoint in 3 ways:

1) It comes with a rich set of features

NetScaler speeds up SharePoint deployments using preconfigured templates. These enhance performance through compression and caching.

With automatic content switching, NetScaler directs requests to the best back-end servers, making apps up to five times faster. NetScaler also offers intelligent load balancing to manage requests and prevent poor performance or outages. That way, SharePoint is 100% available for access to data and files.

These features reduce bandwidth by up to 25% for easy connections from remote locations or mobile devices. NetScaler also takes the pressure off SharePoint by taking on CPU intensive tasks, such as SSL processing.

And with NetScaler Insight Center and Web Insight, IT teams gain the added visibility into SharePoint sessions that make ongoing management a more straightforward task.

2) No programming necessary

Citrix AppExpert Template modules automate the entire NetScaler deployment process. This means there is no additional work required to get NetScaler up-and-running.

3) It has been developed alongside Microsoft

Citrix works closely with Microsoft to ensure NetScaler brings out the best in SharePoint. In particular, by creating specific guidelines and recommendations so that IT teams can benefit from the added availability, security and performance it offers.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with Citrix NetScaler

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Deployment Guide Download

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