ADCs: What is an application delivery controller?

What is an application delivery controller?

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What is an application delivery controller (ADC)? What makes an ADC better than a load balancer? What are the key benefits for your network? Here are 5 crucial questions and five quick-fire answers.

Q1. What is an application delivery controller?

A: An application delivery controller (ADC) is a purpose-built networking appliance – both hardware and software. Its role is to improve the performance, security and resilience of applications over all networks.

Q2. Why do we need ADCs?

A: As we enter the era of cloud and mobility, business applications may no longer be located near to the user. They now need to be delivered to users across all types of networks in locations beyond the physical workplace. ADCs are designed to help applications work over any network from the user may connect. They also make sure they are optimised, always available and remain secure.

Q3. What makes them better than load balancers?

A: Load balancing remains important for distributing traffic across a cluster of servers in a specific datacentre. But an ADC can redirect traffic to a cluster of servers located in an entirely different datacentre. ADCs also offer proactive functions that improve application performance, especially over mobile networks. This is something load balancers cannot do.

Q4. What are the biggest benefits of using an ADC?

A: An ADC adds value to the enterprise in three ways:

1) It prevents failure by enabling a robust failover strategy. It also adds active monitoring of server health and global load balancing. All of which means higher application availability for end users and increased productivity for the enterprise.

2) It reduces wait times, especially over mobile or high-latency networks. Using an array of functionality, an ADC improves application performance in any location.

3) It prevents attacks by acting as the natural entry point or gateway to the network. With the additional application security features of an ADC, enterprises can be sure their data is better protected than before.

Q5. Are there any other key benefits?

A: ADCs are adaptable to the increased use of software-defined networking (SDN). They have the potential to become more self-automated to provide better optimisation and protection for any type of application in the future.

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What is an application delivery controller?

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5 crucial questions and five quick-fire answers on Application delivery controllers

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