Application and Desktop Virtualisation – has there ever been a better time to adopt?

The Rising Value– and Falling Cost– of App and Desktop Virtualization

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Virtualisation has been around for 20 years now. Yet for most of that time many IT departments have considered it be a
niche technology.

Right now, increasing market competition means desktop virtualisation architecture costs are falling. The technology is advancing quickly at the same time, providing new ways to deliver the flexibility and agility that modern organisations need to thrive.

As a result of these factors, more and more organisations are turning to virtualisation to solve some of today’s biggest business challenges.  For example, they’re using virtualisation to mobilise enterprise applications on a range of devices. They’re also using virtualisation to work more efficiently across locations, collaborate globally and overcome the expense of sending data across continents.

Find out why more and more organisations are re-evaluating virtualisation technology. And why a range of market conditions suggest there’s never been a better time to adopt.

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See what’s driving organisations to use desktop virtualisation as an affordable way to solve business challenges

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