Manage risk by protecting apps, data and usage

The perimeter looks nothing like it used to – no wonder it’s so hard to secure.

Today’s business environment has been transformed by mobility and a shift toward distributed workforces, BYO and third-party talent. It’s a boon for productivity, but a tall order to secure. More >

HowTo guides for converting iRules to Netscaler

If you’re moving to NetScaler, you’ll benefit from superior performance and better management. You can also make the migration process painless with our iRules Conversion Rules. More >

Is your data safe?

To understand businesses’ internal security issues we asked Censuswide to conduct a survey for us. In ‘Is Your Data Safe?’ we present the findings – and more. The survey shows workers value data in general and are aware of the need to keep it safe – but despite this awareness they’re not doing enough to protect it, especially at work. In fact, they tend to be more careful about their data security at home. More >

Deliver a seamless user experience for Windows apps on Chromebooks

Chromebooks are fast, secure, lightweight laptops designed for people who spend most of their time online. Perfect for today’s cloud computing word. But can they run the apps you need, the apps your employees and suppliers are used to? And, just as important, are you equipped to support yet another OS? Find out more… More >

Get the Most from Your EMM Deployment with Secure File Sharing

Mobile device management (MDM) is a key element of secure enterprise mobility—but it’s only part of the solution.
To meet the complex needs of your mobile workforce, you also need to provide a truly comprehensive yet simple-to-use mobility solution that can address the full range of enterprise requirements while ensuring full adoption. More >

Windows®  10 Migration: Extend Your Citrix Solution to Streamline Your OS Migration

Windows 10 is poised to be the most rapid OS migration in history. In fact, employees are updating devices themselves at record rates. But what will you do when corporate apps don’t run on Windows 10?

You may already have the solution. More >

Citrix NetScaler ADC: Real-World Application Delivery Evaluation Versus F5 Networks

Thinking about upgrading your ADCs? If so, you need to carefully structure your testing regime to reflect real-world conditions. You’ll find the results a lot more useful than those generated by less realistic testing scenarios that focus purely on basic throughput. More >

The Power of the Next Generation WAN

By intelligently managing all of your available bandwidth, SD-WAN offers an unbeatable combination of reliability and efficiency. It is time to reconsider your approach to enterprise WAN. More >

Why choose NetScaler over F5

When it comes to buying ADCs, the choices you make will have a real impact on the performance of applications. To make an informed choice, buyers need to ask vendors the kind of searching questions that reveal strengths and weakness. Here are nine discussion topics we particularly recommend.
More >

A revolution in cloud networking: Citrix TriScale Technology

With NetScaler clustering, IT managers can Scale Out their application delivery infrastructure by clustering as few as two and as many as 32 physical or virtual NetScaler appliances. Overall capacity can be increased incrementally – one appliance at a time – from a few Mbps to more than 3 Tbps, all without discarding existing infrastructure investments More >

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