Virtualize browser apps: Extend your Citrix solution to securely deliver browser-based apps

Browser virtualization offers a way for IT to realize the promise of web-based apps to simplify app development, without incurring new challenges for manageability, security and performance.
Learn how you can utilise a single image of the browser, hosted centrally, and delivered on-demand to any computer, providing a simpler way to manage browsers and apps. More >

Secure app and data delivery—across devices, networks and locations

Learn how to Protect sensitive information by centralizing apps and intellectual property in the data center, meet compliance standards, achieve the highest level of security and deliver secure remote access to sensitive business apps and data from any device. More >

Deliver a seamless user experience for Windows apps on Chromebooks

There is growing momentum for Chromebooks as individuals choose to adopt them and enjoy the Google Apps and services both for personal use and for business. While the cost-effectiveness of Chromebooks is undisputed, the first question an IT admin asks is “What about our Windows apps?” and in many cases this is hundreds or thousands of Windows apps that power the business. More >

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Citrix XenApp

App virtualisation can help reduce the costs of providing access to enterprise applications, low license costs for legacy apps, and improve secure access for third-party providers. More >

Why Deliver Skype for Business with XenApp and XenDesktop?

Companies can’t drop their PBX systems and move to Skype for Business fast enough. It’s an easy decision to make—and can yield dramatic cost savings. More >

Top three reasons to deliver web apps with application virtualization

Application virtualization offers a way to realize the benefits of web-based apps, on any static or mobile computing device, without the drawbacks. By virtualizing a web app on a single browser version and configuration, and then delivering it the same way to every user, IT can solve compatibility issues while enhancing security and manageability. More >


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