Application & Desktop Virtualisation

Implementing Secure Browsing

As applications and services move online, web browsers are becoming the primary way for users to access them across the organization. As a result, cyber criminals are increasingly setting their sights on delivering attacks through the web browsers we all use everyday.

That gives IT a new challenge to address. More >

Manage risk by protecting apps, data and usage

The perimeter looks nothing like it used to – no wonder it’s so hard to secure.

Today’s business environment has been transformed by mobility and a shift toward distributed workforces, BYO and third-party talent. It’s a boon for productivity, but a tall order to secure. More >

Achieve security, flexibility and efficiency for your financial services organization with virtualization

True business agility can make all the difference in capturing a new market opportunity, and it’s a challenge to embrace new customer service models and support more types of applications on more types of devices – of course, always with a great user experience.

Discover how to achieve the best results for the business through a flexible architecture that enables you to address these growing challenges while simultaneously reducing the cost and complexity of app management and delivery. More >

Five signs it’s time for mobile workspace delivery

Virtualization helped address user priorities including secure remote access and bring-your-own device (BYOD) but now times have changed. Workers use more devices, and demand is intensifying for anytime, anywhere access to business apps and data… More >

VDI—Simplify your migration to Windows®  10 and beyond

As Win10 ceases to be a free update, the pace of change might slow. But is your organisation coping? Are all your apps running on the Win10 systems, or are you stuck in the past because you can’t cope with the mixed environment? More >

Windows®  10 Migration: Extend Your Citrix Solution to Streamline Your OS Migration

Windows 10 is poised to be the most rapid OS migration in history. In fact, employees are updating devices themselves at record rates. But what will you do when corporate apps don’t run on Windows 10?

You may already have the solution. More >

Meet IT Challenges Head-on with Citrix Virtualisation

The need to quickly share apps and updates across your enterprise is growing fast – and with it, the cost and complexity of managing IT.
Your ideal solution is an application virtualisation with a flexible architecture that also handles VDI, so no matter how complex your IT demands become, one solution can handle all your needs…. More >

Virtualize browser apps: Extend your Citrix solution to securely deliver browser-based apps

Browser virtualization offers a way for IT to realize the promise of web-based apps to simplify app development, without incurring new challenges for manageability, security and performance.
Learn how you can utilise a single image of the browser, hosted centrally, and delivered on-demand to any computer, providing a simpler way to manage browsers and apps. More >

Deliver a seamless user experience for Windows apps on Chromebooks

There is growing momentum for Chromebooks as individuals choose to adopt them and enjoy the Google Apps and services both for personal use and for business. While the cost-effectiveness of Chromebooks is undisputed, the first question an IT admin asks is “What about our Windows apps?” and in many cases this is hundreds or thousands of Windows apps that power the business. More >

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Citrix XenApp

App virtualisation can help reduce the costs of providing access to enterprise applications, low license costs for legacy apps, and improve secure access for third-party providers. More >


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