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The digital disconnect in South Africa

Curious to find out the state of play in South Africa, Citrix recently partnered with BMI-TechKnowledge (BMI-T), to look at the impact of ICT and digital transformation on South African businesses. The study involved a total of 329 interviews with both business leaders and IT managers from 254 companies. More >

Citrix EMEA CIO Insights Survey #2 Results

The latest Citrix EMEA CIO Insights Survey found that there are now more people who work flexibly from their home and office than those that just work at a designated desk at their employers. In fact, the survey shows just how dramatic an effect mobile technology is having on how we all work. But is it making us happier and more productive? More >

Transform Your Workplace To Boost Productivity And Reduce Costs

In the drive for competitive advantage, many companies are transforming their workplaces to boost productivity, improve collaboration and cut property costs. How do you make sure your own workplace transformation is a success? More >

Stay Secure by Stopping Uncontrolled Data Sharing

Employees who use unauthorised personal file sharing services such as Dropbox and Box are a major challenge for IT. They cause data to leak, threaten compliance and allow files to escape beyond your visibility and control. How do you solve the problem? More >

Secure Sensitive Financial Data

Improve customer experience while keeping financial data secure.
Financial services providers have to give their employees and customers easy access to sensitive financial data via new technologies and applications. But at the same time they have to protect that data from evermore ingenious cyber criminals and comply with the ever increasing industry regulations. More >

Rethinking the Endpoint in Healthcare

Improve patient care while lowering IT costs.
What is the secret to upgrading complex healthcare IT infrastructures, including aging PCs and laptops, with scarce budget and resources?
The answer can be as simple as rethinking the endpoint: in a word, virtualisation. More >

6 steps to enabling the mobile clinician

Improve patient care by empowering clinicians to work securely on any device, any place and on any network.
Healthcare IT is a driving force in bringing about better patient care, and mobility is a key component. But the benefits of mobility bring hefty requirements for IT… More >

10 Ways Citrix Helps You Say "Yes"

Strategies, technology, and solutions to say yes to cloud, secure mobility, big data, legacy infrastructure, workplace transformation and more. More >

Secure app and data delivery—across devices, networks and locations

Learn how to Protect sensitive information by centralizing apps and intellectual property in the data center, meet compliance standards, achieve the highest level of security and deliver secure remote access to sensitive business apps and data from any device. More >

Add XenMobile to your XenApp and XenDesktop Implementations

Desktop and application virtualization via Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop have enhanced mobility everywhere, allowing users to access their Windows desktops and applications securely from any location on any device at any time. More >


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