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Secure your virtual apps and desktops over the last mile

NetScaler and the Swiss Army knife have got more in common than you might think.
Organizations are getting more geographically dispersed and highly mobile employees require access to their apps from anywhere. When providing access to virtual apps and desktops over insecure networks, it can be more challenging to ensure compliance while also providing a LAN-like experience. More >

Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers

Gartner has just released the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers. We’re excited to be recognized as a Magic Quadrant leader for ten years. More >

Roadmap of a digital business

To succeed in digital transformation you need to plan a route and identify potential issues and critical success factors at each key point. Using the example of a typical online retailer this whitepaper helps you plot that path to success, and shows how the Citrix NetScaler product portfolio can help. More >

Maximize Productivity with Secure Delivery of Applications to Mobile Devices

If you’re inclined to ignore employees moaning about poor mobile connectivity, perhaps it’s time to think again. Poor connectivity often goes hand in hand with a toxic combination of weak productivity, rising IT costs and security vulnerabilities. These are challenges you’ll need to address before you can exploit the full potential of enterprise mobility. More >

Digital Transformation: Where challenge meets opportunity

Digital technology is changing the business landscape. Why simply adopt it when you can go further, and turn its disruptive power to your organisation’s advantage?
More >

SD-WAN: The answer to business networking demands

Over a decade ago, at the turn of the century, MPLS started to replace Frame Relay as a network architecture. Today, it’s the turn of MPLS to give way to a new architecture that offers the responsiveness, efficiency and flexibility required for a new era. More >

HowTo guides for converting iRules to Netscaler

If you’re moving to NetScaler, you’ll benefit from superior performance and better management. You can also make the migration process painless with our iRules Conversion Rules. More >

Is your data safe?

To understand businesses’ internal security issues we asked Censuswide to conduct a survey for us. In ‘Is Your Data Safe?’ we present the findings – and more. The survey shows workers value data in general and are aware of the need to keep it safe – but despite this awareness they’re not doing enough to protect it, especially at work. In fact, they tend to be more careful about their data security at home. More >

The Danish Ministry of AgriFish provides mobile connections to staff working at sea
Citrix NetScaler ADC: Real-World Application Delivery Evaluation Versus F5 Networks

Thinking about upgrading your ADCs? If so, you need to carefully structure your testing regime to reflect real-world conditions. You’ll find the results a lot more useful than those generated by less realistic testing scenarios that focus purely on basic throughput. More >

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