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Putting the “Secure” in Secure Remote Access

Remote access to enterprise networks is an obvious target for attacks. But as user demand for remote access increases, how can enterprises deliver the security they need without compromising on the obvious productivity gains? More >

Microsoft Lync 2013 and Citrix NetScaler Deployment Guide

Optimise the performance, availability, scalability and security of your communications infrastructure. Get our quick reference guide to deploying Citrix NetScaler for Microsoft Lync 2013. More >

Gaining 20-20 insight into network and application performance

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. The ability to manage your network is only achievable by having the visibility of the entire network and the applications transmitting data across it. More >

Solve the Application Visibility Challenge with NetScaler Insight Center

To maintain the highest levels of user satisfaction, organisations need insight into business-critical applications. But with mobility, virtualisation and public cloud access the high levels of analysis involved can be a challenge. More >

A revolution in cloud networking: Citrix TriScale Technology

Why a Triscale approach – Scale up, Scale out and scale in – to agility will give you the multi-dimensional scalability that can become the difference between success and failure of your enterprise cloud network. More >

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with Citrix NetScaler

Citrix and Microsoft work closely together to provide specific guidelines and recommendations for maximising the performance of Microsoft SharePoint for remote users. More >

Guide to Deploying Microsoft Exchange 2013 with Citrix NetScaler

How to combat the speed, reliability and security issues of increasing amounts of email traffic in your Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 environment. By 2014, there were already over four billion email accounts and 2.5 billion email users. More >

Consolidate your Secure Remote Access Delivery Infrastructure with One URL

Adding one point solution after another for mobile access may have its advantages. But do the benefits outweigh the additional costs, complexity and confusion? Especially when you consider the need for all the supporting SSL VPNs. So how can Citrix NetScaler help? More >

Take a Load Off Your Data Center

Today’s networks are beset by unprecedented demands for optimal application performance and real-time data. What IT leaders desperately need is a smart ADC and vastly improved visibility into their networks, something traditional load balancers cannot provide. More >

Web application firewall – delivering must-have protection for the modern enterprise

Planet Earth is home to roughly 5bn adult human beings. But there are at least 10bn endpoints on the Internet. No wonder organizations have fallen in love with web applications. The bad news is that cybercriminals can see the potential, too. As the attack surface expands, what’s the best option for defending your web applications? More >

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