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SDN 102: Software Defined Networks and the Role of Application Delivery Network Services

The extra speed and flexibility of the cloud computing model has raised enterprise expectations. So IT teams must find a way to respond. But while much of the attention has been paid to the way software-defined networking (SDN) can help with network infrastructure, other application considerations have been left lagging behind. More >

Defend Hidden Mobile Web Properties

Is your backend mobile infrastructure at risk? Don’t turn your back on hidden mobile web properties. Enterprises rely on the responsiveness, usability and safety of mobile apps to engage customers and maintain employee productivity. However, the complexity of the backend infrastructure supporting these applications makes it difficult to protect users and data against underlying threats. More >

Delivering Secure Remote Access for the Modern Enterprise

Megatrends in IT such as datacentre consolidation and flexible working are driving a greater requirement for secure remote access to corporate systems. Secure remote access is no longer the privilege of a few within the organisation. More >

NetScaler: A comprehensive replacement for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway

With Microsoft Forefront TMG nearing end of life, what are your options for replacements? See why NetScaler should be at the top of your list – offering an easy, like-for-like alternative and host of added benefits. More >

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Citrix NetScaler

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ study of NetScaler: Cost Savings and business benefits enabled by NetScaler. The study focuses on the value organizations can enable when migrating to NetScaler SDX. It accounts for the cost of deploying NetScaler against the savings from these benefits to provide a comprehensive assessment of the ROI and net value of the investment in NetScaler. More >

Citrix NetScaler: A Powerful Defense Against Denial of Service Attacks

How do you deal with a DDoS attack? Is there a universal solution to volume, application layer and SSL-based attacks? Here we explore how DDoS attacks have evolved and the role an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) can play in your fight against these crippling cyber threats. More >

A Practical Path to Automating Application Networks
ADC | Cisco | SDN

Enterprises are struggling to achieve the same level of agility in their networks as they do in virtualized and cloud computing environments. They need a more open, programmatic approach to network architecture—one that delivers scale, integration, and automation at every layer. More >

Fast, reliable, secure, efficient: why application delivery matters in the digital economy

Fast, reliable, secure, efficient: why application delivery matters in the digital economy. We believe that four factors determine the quality of application delivery: performance, reliability, security and efficiency. This white paper lays out these challenges in detail. It goes on to highlight how successful organizations are tackling them. More >

Web Application Firewall Comparative Analysis

75% of attacks take place at the application layer. Protecting against these new breed of attacks is not an option. Security has always been a concern for the Enterprise. Today, the simple demarcation of trusted and untrusted traffic is no longer sufficient to protect a company’s digital assets and cyber criminals have shifted their attention “up the stack” to the application layer. More >

How ready are you for the next generation datacentre technologies?

It is not a rocket science to say that technology is rapidly changing. That’s a reality and that impacts the day to day life of IT, but not only for IT. It’s a real challenge for businesses to keep up as well. More >

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