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WAN virtualization with CloudBridge

What makes WAN potentially the single highest recurring cost in your IT budget? Explore the issues and find out why WAN virtualisation means MPLS and expensive add-ons are not the only way to get the connectivity you need. More >

Hybrid Will Be the New Normal for Next Generation Enterprise WAN

Cloud computing and mobility have changed the way we work. They have also changed the way we connect to our enterprise networks.

A Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) WAN service that connects branch offices to datacentres is no longer enough to meet the needs of end users.

With the increase in cloud and mobile connectivity to enterprise systems, what is the impact on your WAN? Explore the key issues and find out what network planners need to consider if they are to implement a unified WAN to cover MPLS and internet connections in the future.
More >

Defend Web Properties from Modern Threats with Citrix NetScaler

Are your web properties an easy target? Web properties now include many diverse components, such as cloud-hosted apps, powerful APIs, and sophisticated mobile solutions. Defending them is no longer just about protecting a handful of enterprise web applications. IT security teams must find ways to secure their web properties against advanced malware, app-layer attacks, DDoS attacks, and security-related usability issues. More >

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