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Windows10 was made available on 29 July 2015 and over 300 million devices now run Windows 10, but is your company in control?

As Win10 ceases to be a free update, the pace of change might slow. But is your organisation coping? Are all your apps running on the Win10 systems, or are you stuck in the past because you can’t cope with the mixed environment?

With many new features, and various system improvements upgrading was easy for most people, and that was the problem. Employees often made the change before the support infrastructure was ready and often removed files and apps in order to make the change which they can’t reinstall, and many critical applications aren’t as stable or manageable as you need on those updated rogue systems.

Find out if desktop and application virtualisation might be the ideal way to take advantage of this opportunity.  

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Is your organisation coping with Win10 mass migration, or are you struggling with a mixed environment? Try Citrix.

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