Employees and your data: do they keep it safe?

Is your data safe?

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Within these walls sentries can guard against data breaches from outside – but sometimes the threats are closer to home.

In a business world in which data is growing at breathtaking speed and employees need constant access to it wherever they may be, it’s hardly news that security is becoming a greater problem than ever. When information systems have to be this big and this accessible it’s difficult to keep cybercriminals at bay – and these people are getting smarter all the time.

What attitudes do employees really have to data security at work? In this whitepaper, ‘Is Your Data Safe?’ we reveal that the gap between organisations’ actual and desired data security is wider than ever.

Read it now to see where the dangers lie – and what you can do to lessen them simply and cost-effectively.


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Employees and your data: do they keep it safe?

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