F5 maintenance renewal or hardware refresh upcoming?

That’s a good time to evaluate Citrix NetScaler(*) ADC with Triscale Technology from Citrix, the App Delivery Pioneer.

Triscale technology brings 3 ways of scaling your datacenter infrastructure


Scaling Up. Buy only what you need.

Pay only for the performance you need when you need it.

NetScaler Pay-As-You-Grow is a simple, 100% software based, on-demand licensing model that breaks the hardware dependency of competing offerings. Datacenter managers can efficiently handle both expected and unexpected spikes in demand, while thoughtfully assessing the need for longer-term upgrades – all without getting locked into expensive and potentially unnecessary hardware investments.


 Scaling In. End appliance sprawl. Simplicity with many in one.


An emerging requirement is the ability to scale the number of application or business units that can be supported.

What organizations need is a way to support multiple tenants with a single physical device that can also be used to consolidate any existing, underutilized ADCs. This is particularly true as enterprises seek to collapse dedicated application silos in favor of a more cost-effective, shared infrastructure model. NetScaler SDX features an advanced virtualized architecture that brings simplicity and consolidation to the network by supporting multiple NetScaler instances on a single hardware appliance.

Scaling Out. Start small. Grow forever. Expandability with Add-and-Go


What about situations where greater capacity is required?

What enterprises need is the option to fully leverage multiple appliances as a single logical ADC, and thereby benefit from the resulting aggregate capacity.

With NetScaler clustering, IT managers can Scale Out their application delivery infrastructure by clustering as few as two and as many as 32 physical or virtual NetScaler appliances. Overall capacity can be increased incrementally – one appliance at a time – from a few Mbps to more than 3 Tbps, all without discarding existing infrastructure investments

*A Gartner ADC MQ leader for Nine Consecutive Years Citrix NetScaler can help you start replacing your hardware centric F5 infrastructure.

A revolution in cloud networking: Citrix TriScale Technology

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Success of enterprise network rely on triple scalability: up, out and in. A revolution in Cloud Networking

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