Five signs that it’s time to reconsider your choice of ADC

Why choose NetScaler over F5

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Buying ADCs: how to make an informed choice

When one or more of the following scenarios starts to play out, it’s usually time to review your choice of ADC:

  • Your existing solution cannot handle current workloads.
  • New projects start to create new needs.
  • A maintenance contract comes up for renewal.
  • Old hardware clearly needs replacing.
  • You need improved performance, at a lower price.

But if you’re going to choose the right replacement, what should be your key consideration?

Price? Speed? Resilience? Security?

All of these things matter. But we believe there’s something more fundamental: application awareness.

Software-first and application-aware

Citrix has been developing and deploying software solutions for his customers over the past 27 years. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about applications and how to deliver them across complex networks. This, in turn, explains why we adopt a software-first approach to NetScaler’s architecture and traffic management functionality. It’s an approach that makes Citrix ADC’s solution more flexible and more scalable than the competition.

However, we also understand that once you start to delve beneath the surface, things can quickly get complicated in this market.

That’s why we’ve developed guidance to help you assess alternative solutions. Specifically, we believe that there are nine topics where you should be seeking clear answers from anyone who wants to sell you an Application Delivery Controller. Here are three of the most important, with some accompanying background explanation:

  • Can you help me reduce data center TCO with consolidation?

Virtualization has transformed the economics of servers, storage and networking. It’s time for a similar transformation in the high-cost/low-utilization world of application delivery. NetScaler’s approach to virtual application delivery offers consolidation density and performance levels that the competition cannot match.

  • How does your product work under real-world conditions?

The way in which vendors benchmark the performance of ADCs really does matter. In tests that reflect what really happens in customer deployments, NetScaler delivers up to x4.8 the performance levels of our best-known rival.

  • How well does your product perform in a hybrid cloud environment?

ADCs really matter when you pursue a cloud-based strategy. NetScaler’s CloudConnectors allow you to assess the performance of applications on an end-to-end basis, as if they were running on a single contiguous enterprise network. By contrast, other solutions fall short when it comes to providing the network-layer transparency necessary for seamless network visibility.

Ask your vendor the right questions

Never forget: it pays to negotiate from a position of strength. To understand more about all nine of the topics we recommend discussing with ADC vendors, download our white paper “Why choose NetScaler over F5?”

Why choose NetScaler over F5

Free White Paper: Why Choose NetScaler Over F5 Download

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Is it time to re-think your Application Delivery Controller? 5 signs why it’s the right moment to reconsider your ADCs

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