Gaining insight into your network and application performance

Gaining 20-20 insight into network and application performance

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You can’t manage what you can’t measure. The ability to manage your network is only achievable by having the visibility of the entire network and the applications transmitting data across it.

The role of the datacentre has shifted. For IT teams the focus is now on applications. But instead of just providing the infrastructure on which to deploy those applications, they also need to provide a way to monitor their performance.

Being able to see how applications are performing has a wide range of benefits. According to an IDG survey*, 61% of respondents said this would improve end user experience. Forty-eight percent believed it would allow them to react faster to issues that require policy changes. Respondents also expected increased efficiency (48%), greater employee productivity (39%), and better application visibility (36%).


Yet deeper visibility of application performance can be hampered by modern IT trends. This is because the traditional load balancers in use only offer basic statistics into static data sources. Yet with the growth of dynamic and virtualised environments, many data sources are no longer static. Instead of simple historical monitoring – such as who used which app, when and the level of performance they experienced – live application performance monitoring has become more important. For example, app performance on the server, across the network and on end user devices. In fact, a Network World survey shows that lack of visibility into end user experience and persistent performance issues are two of the top three challenges for enterprise IT managers.

So how do you gain the real-time visibility you need to stay on top of performance degradation or distribute traffic intelligently?

The first step is to replace load balancers with an application delivery controller (ADC). But not all ADCs are born equal.

With Citrix NetScaler ADC you can quickly establish the visibility and flexibility you need for your dynamic IT environment. And to give you the full range of benefits associated with improved visibility, NetScaler ADC goes further.

With real-time information on application performance you also have to act. For many enterprises, this means manual optimisations. But NetScaler ADC automates these tasks for you. That way you can avoid often complex IT processes while improving network performance and the end user experience.

* IDG Research, September 2014

Gaining 20-20 insight into network and application performance

Read why 20-20 insight is just the start Download

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