How do you solve the application visibility challenge on your network?

Solve the Application Visibility Challenge with NetScaler Insight Center

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To maintain the highest levels of user satisfaction, organisations need insight into business-critical applications. But with mobility, virtualisation and public cloud access the levels of analysis involved can be a challenge.

Increasingly, datacentres are required to become application-centric. The added flexibility this brings also requires application performance monitoring to be a core part of the datacentre infrastructure.

Because if you can’t see what is happening with your business-critical applications, how do you know they are working properly?

Regardless of whether your datacentre is fully application-centric, until a colleague tells you they are having issues, you are entirely in the dark.

Being able to monitor, diagnose and then improve application performance will ensure your colleagues get what they need to work well. It will also help your organisation deliver against increasing customer expectations.

Applications and network are out of synch

But application visibility can be a big challenge. Often applications and the network are out of sync. Mobility and virtualisation mean users are opening applications from many different media. Visibility is also limited by the lack of agents in public clouds. To deploy and maintain a fleet of distributed agents to match each route in to an application is simply too costly to consider.

This leaves most organisations with no clear view of application performance. The result is long support SLAs, persistent issues and poor user experience. An ADC can help with this. But if you choose to do your analysis of application performance on your ADC, you will need a more powerful (and much more expensive) device to assess the data you are capturing.

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Better visibility and faster monitoring

NetScaler Insight Center from Citrix solves these challenges.

It links with Citrix NetScaler so you get complete visibility plus added control while avoiding many of the issues of traditional solutions. In particular, you benefit from end-to-end insight and the ability to marry network and application data. You also get active application support and easy controls. Critically, NetScaler Insight Center offloads the heavy processing of application analysis.

It means the NetScaler ADC can re main in-situ between your applications and users, capturing data on all application traffic. Instead of then being asked to analyse your data, the NetScaler ADC sends that data out to a processing system – NetScaler Insight Center.

This makes the process more efficient. Especially if you are using multiple NetScaler ADCs, because operational control is simplified.

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For the organisation, NetScaler Insight Center offers better visibility, faster processing and reduced complexity. Meanwhile, users get a better overall application experience and the assurance that their needs will be met.

Solve the Application Visibility Challenge with NetScaler Insight Center

Free White paper “Solve the App visibility challenge” Download

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How to solve the application visibility Challenge on your network when applications and network are out of synch?

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