How to create a VDI your users will love

VDI your users will love

How to get VDI your users will love Download

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has been around longer than most digital natives. Yet today it is critical to modern enterprise operations.

With more of us now working away from our desks, what does successful VDI actually look like?

Firstly, it has to offer a great user experience. Transferring productivity software to mobile apps is not just about viewing data on a smaller form factor. These apps must provide everything the user needs but aligned to the functionality of each device.

Secondly, the VDI interface is important. It is about designing universal, intuitive features that work across multiple devices.

Thirdly, it has to be scalable. The more effective your VDI implementation, the more people will want to use it. As user adoption increases, you must have the flexible infrastructure in place to respond.

Finally, it must be secure. Mobile devices and multiple network access points introduce new security risks. By establishing a VDI that ensures mobile devices are only windows onto the datacentre, you can be sure that your enterprise information remains safe.

To achieve all of this cost-effectively, you need a single solution that will not only meet enterprise needs but ensure you have a VDI that your users will love.

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How do you create a #VDI your users will love? We assess the 4 key criteria every enterprise should consider

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