In a busy market, which virtualisation product should you choose?

3 businesses share why they chose Citrix XenDesktop over VMware View

Why These 3 Businesses Chose Citrix XenDesktop Download

Windows desktop and application virtualisation has come of age. It is no longer just a niche technology for a few senior executives or salespeople. By centralising applications to deliver simple flexible working, it is now the easiest way for any IT team to deliver enterprise mobility at low cost and with high confidence.

But with technology maturity comes a much more complicated landscape. There are more products and vendors than ever before. Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about getting it wrong is commonplace when there is so much choice in the market.

For those organisations taking their first steps towards virtualisation, it helps to have an independent view of what is out there.

An analyst can give you the insight you need. For example, IDC produces a MarketScape report on vendor feature sets for an easy comparison. But to get a real sense of the relative benefits there is no substitute for first-hand experience. Customers who already use a product are often best placed to advise you on how you could also get the mobility and IT efficiency you require.

Read on to discover why three very different organisations chose Citrix XenDesktop over VMware View for virtualisation. In their own words, see how a manufacturer, educator and technology consultant are using XenDesktop to meet their industry challenges head-on.

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3 customers explain why they chose Citrix #XenDesktop over VMware View for #desktopvirtualisation

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