Is secure file sharing the secret to successful EMM?

Get the Most from Your EMM Deployment with Secure File Sharing

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For more than a decade, IT professionals have been debating the benefit of Enterprise Mobility. They’ve often thought that the challenges outweigh the benefits, with the result that only a few enterprises today have truly embraced the potential.

Today, perceptions are changing. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions deliver integrated device, app, and data management. They also include network optimisation, end-to-end security, and user collaboration. IT leaders are realising that EMM is about much more than management and control. Strategic enterprise mobility drives productivity gains, reduces cost, and delivers a great user experience.

Unfortunately, driven by the desire for a consumer like experience, many employees currently bypass corporate mobility management solutions by using private cloud storage services for storing or sending corporate data. This behaviour exposes the business to regulatory noncompliance, a range of security risks, and it also means the potential benefits of an Enterprise Mobility strategy can be lost.

Organisations can fix the problem by adopting market leading EFSS (enterprise file share and sync) solutions as part of their EMM strategy. By doing so, they can enable secure and easy sharing of data – regardless of the user’s device, location or role. With the rich functionality available within today’s EFSS solutions, they can also encourage their users to stop using the consumer file sharing and storage services that pose such a threat to corporate security.

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How Secure File Sharing keeps users happy, boosts productivity and drives successful EMM adoption.

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