Lower endpoint costs. Deliver apps, desktops and data on Chromebooks.

Deliver a seamless user experience for Windows apps on Chromebooks

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Can you deliver business critical Windows apps on Chromebooks

If your company is reviewing options to replace sluggish desktops, or your employees are looking for new or less expensive portable computing options, a Chromebook may be just what you need.

After all, Chromebooks are simply fast,secure, lightweight laptops designed for people who spend most of their timeonline. Perfect for today’s cloud computing word.

But can they run the apps you need, theapps your employees and suppliers are used to? Do the Chromebook environment apps comply with the compliance regulation you operate under? And, just as important, are you equipped to support yet another OS?

There’s a remarkably obvious, proven and easy way to achieve the full potential of Chromebooks … Citrix XenApp.

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Want to deliver Windows apps on Chromebooks? There’s a proven way to achieve their fullpotential - Citrix XenApp.

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