Making Windows mobility work for the IT team too

Empower a Mobile Workforce with Secure App Delivery

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Employees are using their mobile devices for business activities more than ever. This is great news for business productivity and staff satisfaction. But creating a more flexible, reactive and available workforce also creates a set of significant and often never before encountered challenges – and opportunities
– for IT.

For instance, how can you deliver Windows apps to the huge variety of operating systems? What about system updates to a geographically distributed workforce? And with tablet devices often used as shared resources, how do you ensure the right information is available for the right user, at the right time?

With the maturity of Windows apps and desktop virtualisation technology, IT department can overcome these challenges. The key is to take advantage of proven, efficient, highly capable and secure solutions that can empower an increasingly
mobile workforce.

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Employees want Windows apps anywhere. IT teams want security on any device. How to marry the two:

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