Multiple devices means multiple threats to security – is virtualisation the answer?

Secure by design How XenApp and XenDesktop dramatically simplify data protection, access control and other critical security tasks

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In recent years, fundamental changes in the way employees use technology have forced organisations to review the way they manage security.

In particular, huge volumes of new devices are disrupting the old processes for protecting corporate information. Today, it’s estimated that many knowledge workers have over three corporate and personally owned devices connected in the workplace. All these devices may require different levels of security and protection.

The challenge is only going to get more complex. Analysts predict that the number of personal connections/devices per person will more than double by 2020. This will only lead to employees bringing more devices into the enterprise, making it even more difficult to enforce corporate security standards.

Clearly, this evolving situation is not sustainable with current approaches to security and remote access. Indeed, enterprises are already finding that the challenge cannot be solved by adding yet another layer of security products that require
more management.

Instead, a growing number of organisations are moving to an alternative virtualisation computing model that is “secure by design” and works regardless of the devices they need to secure. In the process, they are dramatically simplifying fundamental security functions such as data protection, access control, provisioning and remote access.

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