Rethinking the Endpoint in Healthcare

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Healthcare always tends to be in critical condition. It seems there are never enough beds, nurses or doctors to cope with our aging population and complex conditions. So spending money to modernise IT is always low on the agenda. But for clinicians to work more efficiently and improve patient care, they do need secure access to apps, data and tools whether they are on the wards or out in the field.

So what is the secret to upgrading a complex IT infrastructure, including aging PCs and laptops, with scarce budget and resources?

The answer can be as simple as rethinking the endpoint: in a word, virtualisation. Not only can virtualisation make life easier for your IT teams, it can result in significant cost savings and security improvements.

By virtualising desktops you can:

  • Ensure OS migrations are accomplished seamlessly without impacting clinician productivity
  • Provide real-time, single-click access to clinical apps and desktops on thin clients
  • Run web apps automatically for a consistent user experience without using a VPN
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of OS migrations by 90% by leveraging migration tools

Whether you are looking at thin/zero clients, seamless browser experiences, delivering apps and data to multiple locations, or managing a Windows migration, virtualisation enables you to reduce the costs of your IT infrastructure while improving patient care.

Rethinking the Endpoint in Healthcare

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Virtualisation: the secret to upgrading a complex healthcare IT infrastructure.

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