Secure file sharing in the enterprise – how do you guarantee user adoption?

Top Five Requirements for Secure Enterprise File Sync and Sharing

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Today, employees want to share and work on files anyway they want. Unfortunately, a lot of them use personal file sharing accounts that expose the organisation to significant security risks.

So how does the IT department regain control?

The best way is to provide data sync and sharing solutions with the same level of usability that consumer services deliver. These solutions must also never compromise privacy, security or compliance.

Getting this balance right is the only way to guarantee that users get what they need to work productively while the organisation stays secure. And as long as you choose your technology wisely, it can be done. Solutions simply need to focus on a number of core requirements. These include the need for a rich user experience; granular access control; comprehensive device security; plus the ability to integrate with existing repositories and tools that employees use every day.

Find out more about what it takes to move users away from personal file sharing services. Plus, how you can get all the necessary functionality in one solution.

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If IT leaders want users to stop using insecure personal file sharing services, they need to consider these 5 points

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