Secure file sharing in the enterprise – what’s the best way to beat the Dropbox problem?

A Secure, IT-approved Alternative to Personal File Sharing Services in the Enterprise

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Today, almost every business is mobile. More and more frontline staff are using corporate tablet devices to serve customers. Employees are using smartphones and home PCs for their email and other productivity apps. In so many situations, mobility is now the standard.

It’s a phenomenon that brings great benefit for the business. It often also means a better work/life balance for the user.

But the problem is that this productivity is often threatened when users need to access data remotely. In particular, users find it difficult to work with big files – they find they can’t email them, or they can’t work on files whenever they want.

This situation is a major risk to security. Users find different ways to move and work on their files – usually because there is no corporate process to govern secure remote data access, or because the company content library is too complex to work with.

For many users personal cloud-storage services are now the most common solution. Services such as Dropbox or iCloud, for example, offer an easy and free way for people to move their data.

Unfortunately, these consumer services also pose security risks in a corporate environment which users rarely understand or consider.

The good news is that there is a solution that will suit both users and IT – secure, enterprise-ready solutions that deliver rich functionality and integrate with existing infrastructure and repositories. They also give IT teams all the management tools they need to keep remote access to data under control.

Find out more about secure, IT-approved alternatives to personal file sharing and how they can help you keep your enterprise both mobile and secure.

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