Simplify your migration to Windows 10

Windows®  10 Migration: Extend Your Citrix Solution to Streamline Your OS Migration

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Windows 10 is poised to be the most rapid OS migration in history. In fact, employees are updating devices themselves at record rates. But what will you do when corporate apps don’t run on Windows 10?

You may already have the solution.

Use Citrix infrastructure to deploy Windows apps that don’t work on Windows 10, and Windows and Linux desktops for users who need dedicated desktops. Plus, you can assess and remediate existing apps to see what is compatible with Windows 10 before making the move. Extend your infrastructure to:

  • Deliver apps to the Windows 10 devices employees use, whether BYOD, corporate-, or personally-owned
  • Migrate your business apps to Windows 10 with confidence
  • Standardize on one Windows image for simple, efficient desktop management

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What will you do when apps don’t run on Win10? You may already have the solution – XenApp from Citrix

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