The enterprise mobility journey to value

Enterprise mobility can drive incredible business value, but only if organisations have a long term plan. Find out how to address key needs and drive business impact at every stage of your enterprise mobility strategy. More >

Top Five Requirements for Secure Enterprise File Sync and Sharing

Employees who use personal file sharing services are a threat to corporate security, but how do you persuade them to use an IT sanctioned alternative? Discover the top 5 points you need to consider to encourage widespread adoption. More >

Five Reasons Why Customers Choose Citrix XenMobile Over the Competition

Managing enterprise mobility is complex task. The right Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution can help overcome all the key challenges. But how do corporate IT teams choose the solution that will work best for them?
More >

Enterprise Mobility What has the ROI been for Citrix customers who have adopted Mobility strategically?

What happens to your organisation when you get Enterprise Mobility right? Customers reveal the benefits. More >


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