How four Citrix customers solved the enterprise mobility challenge

After years of tactical fixes, organisations are starting to address enterprise mobility more strategically – see how four different organisations are leading the way. More >

Mobile Workspaces: Deliver the Optimum User Experience While Enabling Mobility and Productivity

What compels organisations to implement mobile working? What are the challenges many of them face? And how can you learn from others to ensure you deliver enterprise mobility that provides the optimum user experience and productivity? Read this report from ESG to find out. More >

Secure application delivery for a mobile workforce

If mobile working has freed users it has also constrained IT teams. Find out how the development, management, user experience and security issues are easier to overcome with a hybrid approach to Windows mobility. More >

Empower a Mobile Workforce with Secure App Delivery

Mobile working offers users a unique set of benefits. But it also brings with it significant IT challenges. So how do you overcome them and empower people to use Windows on any device and with full security? More >

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