File Sharing

Citrix EMEA CIO Insights Survey #2 Results

The latest Citrix EMEA CIO Insights Survey found that there are now more people who work flexibly from their home and office than those that just work at a designated desk at their employers. In fact, the survey shows just how dramatic an effect mobile technology is having on how we all work. But is it making us happier and more productive? More >

Stay Secure by Stopping Uncontrolled Data Sharing

Employees who use unauthorised personal file sharing services such as Dropbox and Box are a major challenge for IT. They cause data to leak, threaten compliance and allow files to escape beyond your visibility and control. How do you solve the problem? More >

Secure Sensitive Financial Data

Improve customer experience while keeping financial data secure.
Financial services providers have to give their employees and customers easy access to sensitive financial data via new technologies and applications. But at the same time they have to protect that data from evermore ingenious cyber criminals and comply with the ever increasing industry regulations. More >

A Secure, IT-approved Alternative to Personal File Sharing Services in the Enterprise

Unauthorised use of personal file sharing services by employees is a serious security risk to business. Learn how you can solve the problem with an enterprise-ready alternative that users will willingly adopt. More >

Taking Windows mobile on any device

Now that the workplace is going mobile – with tablets and smartphones the norm – many users simply can’t use Windows apps in the same way as they used to in the office. Organisations are solving the problem cost effectively and efficiently by virtualising Windows apps and desktops in the datacentre – delivering fast, secure and full application access to any user with a browser. More >

Mobilize Email with Enterprise-Grade Security and a Great Experience

Delivering a secure and productive mobile email service across the enterprise has become a major challenge – how do you mobilise email on a variety of devices with enterprise grade security and a great user experience? More >

From BlackBerry to BYOD, CYOD or COPE

Many enterprises are currently replacing their Blackberry devices through various type of bring your own device (BYOD) or choose your own device (CYOD) policy. Find out how to manage the transition safely and securely. More >

Get the Most from Your EMM Deployment with Secure File Sharing

Enterprise Mobility provides many productivity and efficiency benefits, but also carries risks and relies heavily on user adoption to succeed. One often overlooked critical component is Secure File Sharing… More >

What’s Missing from Your BYOD Strategy?

A successful BYOD programme requires a structured strategy. Find out how to balance management control with user choice, and also provide an evolution path to widespread adoption. More >

Jump start mobile productivity with MDM and secure file sharing

Find out how enterprise-grade file sharing can help you meet user expectations and deliver a more secure mobile enterprise. More >


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