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The digital disconnect in South Africa

Curious to find out the state of play in South Africa, Citrix recently partnered with BMI-TechKnowledge (BMI-T), to look at the impact of ICT and digital transformation on South African businesses. The study involved a total of 329 interviews with both business leaders and IT managers from 254 companies. More >

Citrix EMEA CIO Insights Survey #2 Results

The latest Citrix EMEA CIO Insights Survey found that there are now more people who work flexibly from their home and office than those that just work at a designated desk at their employers. In fact, the survey shows just how dramatic an effect mobile technology is having on how we all work. But is it making us happier and more productive? More >

Transform Your Workplace To Boost Productivity And Reduce Costs

In the drive for competitive advantage, many companies are transforming their workplaces to boost productivity, improve collaboration and cut property costs. How do you make sure your own workplace transformation is a success? More >

Implementing Secure Browsing

As applications and services move online, web browsers are becoming the primary way for users to access them across the organization. As a result, cyber criminals are increasingly setting their sights on delivering attacks through the web browsers we all use everyday.

That gives IT a new challenge to address. More >

Rethinking the Endpoint in Healthcare

Improve patient care while lowering IT costs.
What is the secret to upgrading complex healthcare IT infrastructures, including aging PCs and laptops, with scarce budget and resources?
The answer can be as simple as rethinking the endpoint: in a word, virtualisation. More >

6 steps to enabling the mobile clinician

Improve patient care by empowering clinicians to work securely on any device, any place and on any network.
Healthcare IT is a driving force in bringing about better patient care, and mobility is a key component. But the benefits of mobility bring hefty requirements for IT… More >

Roadmap of a digital business

To succeed in digital transformation you need to plan a route and identify potential issues and critical success factors at each key point. Using the example of a typical online retailer this whitepaper helps you plot that path to success, and shows how the Citrix NetScaler product portfolio can help. More >

Digital Transformation: Where challenge meets opportunity

Digital technology is changing the business landscape. Why simply adopt it when you can go further, and turn its disruptive power to your organisation’s advantage?
More >

Two new ways to boost security with file sharing and mobile device management

Across your organisation you can deliver a strategic solution for your business that delivers a truly secure, mobile workspace. The chances are you are part-way down that path – either a virtualisation or mobility implementation. Find out how to take the right next step… More >

The Danish Ministry of AgriFish provides mobile connections to staff working at sea

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