Network Security

Rethinking the Endpoint in Healthcare

Improve patient care while lowering IT costs.
What is the secret to upgrading complex healthcare IT infrastructures, including aging PCs and laptops, with scarce budget and resources?
The answer can be as simple as rethinking the endpoint: in a word, virtualisation. More >

Secure your virtual apps and desktops over the last mile

NetScaler and the Swiss Army knife have got more in common than you might think.
Organizations are getting more geographically dispersed and highly mobile employees require access to their apps from anywhere. When providing access to virtual apps and desktops over insecure networks, it can be more challenging to ensure compliance while also providing a LAN-like experience. More >

Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers

Gartner has just released the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers. We’re excited to be recognized as a Magic Quadrant leader for ten years. More >

Maximize Productivity with Secure Delivery of Applications to Mobile Devices

If you’re inclined to ignore employees moaning about poor mobile connectivity, perhaps it’s time to think again. Poor connectivity often goes hand in hand with a toxic combination of weak productivity, rising IT costs and security vulnerabilities. These are challenges you’ll need to address before you can exploit the full potential of enterprise mobility. More >

Is your data safe?

To understand businesses’ internal security issues we asked Censuswide to conduct a survey for us. In ‘Is Your Data Safe?’ we present the findings – and more. The survey shows workers value data in general and are aware of the need to keep it safe – but despite this awareness they’re not doing enough to protect it, especially at work. In fact, they tend to be more careful about their data security at home. More >

The Danish Ministry of AgriFish provides mobile connections to staff working at sea
2016 Cyber Threat Defense Report

Is your organization a piece of low-hanging fruit? Or do your defences make attackers think twice? The difference is defined by the strength of your countermeasures – and by the security posture of other organizations. Discover how you measure up against 1,000 organizations worldwide: is it time to rethink your IT security approach? More >

What is an application delivery controller?

What is an application delivery controller (ADC)? What makes an ADC better than a load balancer? What are the key benefits for your network? Read the answers here. More >

Putting the “Secure” in Secure Remote Access

Remote access to enterprise networks is an obvious target for attacks. But as user demand for remote access increases, how can enterprises deliver the security they need without compromising on the obvious productivity gains? More >

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with Citrix NetScaler

Citrix and Microsoft work closely together to provide specific guidelines and recommendations for maximising the performance of Microsoft SharePoint for remote users. More >


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