The business case for a hybrid approach to mobile apps

Secure application delivery for a mobile workforce

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Mobile working has given people the freedom to work from anywhere and at any time. But it also means IT teams now have to consider mobile app development, management and user experience.

Of critical importance is security. Protecting enterprise data on the move is a must-have. But overly restrictive policies can undermine the user experience.

Furthermore, it is simply not possible to build a secure, native app for every function previously available on Windows. Especially when you consider some enterprises use as many as 200 Windows apps across all lines of business. The development costs are simply too prohibitive. By the time IT teams finish the 17th, 27th or 197th native app no doubt there will be a security release and they will have to spend more time updating them all.

So what is the alternative?

The best solution may be a hybrid. This means developing new native mobile apps only for the most common and valuable Windows tasks. All others – those used less frequently, that are more complex or less valuable – can be virtualised.

Doing so will ensure you can marry the BYOD needs of mobile users with the easy management and high levels of security your organisation demands.

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