Why are so many organizations opting for SD-WAN?

We believe that SD-WAN offers organizations four key benefits:

  • More bandwidth for your buck: SD-WAN binds MPLS and multiple low-cost broadband paths into a hybrid network, which allows you to maximize the capacity and performance offered by existing bandwidth.
  • Improved reliability: SD-WAN provides reliability for business-critical applications such as VDI, application virtualization, VoIP, videconferencing, ERP and CRM.
  • Simplified management: the abstraction of higher-level functionality into software allows network administrators to more easily manage network services. SD-WAN allows the rapid rollout – and subsequent adjustment – of WAN services in remote offices without on-site IT support.
  • Evolutionary migration: you can deploy SD-WAN without changing existing MPLS networks. Over time, however, you can migrate from MPLS to more cost effective Internet-based connections.

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