Why secure file sharing is an essential part of enterprise mobility strategy

Jump start mobile productivity with MDM and secure file sharing

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Today, more and more organisations are trying to close the security gaps caused by consumer services like Dropbox, iCloud and OneDrive.

They’re also finding that their current mobile device management (MDM) solutions don’t provide them with what they need to solve the problem. In many cases, users are bypassing the MDM completely.  Indeed, while evidence suggests that over two thirds of smartphones carrying corporate data are managed with an MDM platform, over 70% of IT professionals still use personal solutions like Dropbox to store and move that same corporate data.

The problem is that many MDM solutions offer file-sharing solutions that don’t meet user expectations. That makes it very difficult to encourage widespread user adoption. And it’s why users – despite corporate policy – still prefer to find their own solution.

So what do you do? How can you deliver a high-quality user experience that users will embrace? And how can you enable your people to sync, share and edit data in corporate apps on any device they use – and all while you maintain enterprise-level security and control?

Find out more – and discover why enterprise-grade File Share and Sync solutions could provide the answer.

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